Trees, Lakes and Campfires are Good for the Soul

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Welcome to Flint and Steel Works!

February 16, 2019

Welcome to Flint and Steel Works!

Welcome to Flint and Steel Works. This site is dedicated to the outdoors, nature appreciation and lifes adventures both big and small.

I’ve always been an outdoors guy since I was old enough to hold a paddle. My dad introduced me to backcountry camping at a very early age and encouraged my brother and I to explore new places. He would take us canoe tripping, fishing and hiking all throughout Algonquin Park in Ontario and taught me the skills needed to be a good outdoors man. I am very thankful for that. It instilled a love of nature and appreciation for unspoiled places and wild things that has lasted my entire life. For the last decade I have had the privilege to teach outdoor skills with a group of amazing people at Survival in the Bush, Inc. allowing me to continue learning and develop skills in the outdoors.

Over the years I’ve had many different interests and my wife has been wonderful and allowed me to indulge in learning and trying new things. She has joined me in many travels over the years and will be also writing and contributing here at FSW. My hobbies have typically revolved around camping and included things like canoeing, sea kayaking, snorkeling, SCUBA diving, fishing, flying gliders, GA aircraft and most recently Ive discovered adventure motorcycling. I’ve always enjoyed documenting our trips with photography and now we have a drone to get a new and better angle on the places we explore.

I’ll be adding some stories to document some of the various places we visit as well as talking about different outdoor products with the intent to inform and inspire others to get outside and enjoy the natural world.

I hope that you will subscribe and follow along, comment and share your thoughts and some of you own experiences and together we can inspire others to get outside and explore this amazing world we all share!

Trees Lakes and Campfires are good for the Soul!

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