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Niagara Glen Nature Center

February 25, 2019

Niagara Glen Nature Center

I feel lucky to live in Ontario where getting out into nature is relatively easy if you have the will.  In the fall we decided to hike the Niagara Gorge, the weekend we chose was unseasonably warm, so it was a good idea to have an early start.

Niagara River is a short 1-hour drive from my home, and parking was easily accessible and numerous photo ops available of the river below before our hike even started.  Once at the bottom of the stairs we took the trail to the right and wound our way down to the rivers edge, this trail was a good trial for our young puppy who we are conditioning for longer hikes. 

The trail offers lots of shade and is rocky so best to wear proper hiking shoes and remember to bring water for the pupper!  While hiking this trail, there are off-shoots that are not the actual trail so heads up on that, but no real danger of getting too far off if paying attention.  At one point of the hike there was an eddy along the shore, that found others swimming and fishing so good to know that is available also. 

Quiet and scenic section of the lower trail.

I don’t track my hikes by the distance traveled but evaluate by my level of enjoyment.  This trail was a great morning trip with a spectacular view, a fantastic hike and an opportunity to see some remarkable geography and the best part, to be in touch with nature.

You can read more about this great day hike at the Niagara Parks website.

Note: This hike was done in September 2018.

Great walk for pets as well.

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