Trees, Lakes and Campfires are Good for the Soul


If you like spending time in nature and like to read about camping, wilderness skills and outdoor adventures then you and I have some things in common. This site was started not only to advertise my services but also to share adventures both big and small. 

I’ve always been an outdoors guy since I was old enough to paddle a canoe. My dad introduced my brother and I to backcountry camping at a very early age and encouraged us to explore new places. He would take us canoe tripping, fishing and hiking all throughout Algonquin Park in Ontario and taught us the skills needed to be a good outdoors man. I am very thankful for that.  It instilled a love of nature and appreciation for unspoiled places and wild things that has lasted my entire life.  For the last decade I have had the privilege to teach outdoor skills with a group of amazing people at Survival in the Bush, Inc. allowing me to continue to try new things and develop my skills in the outdoors.

I’ll be adding some stories to document the various places we visit as well as talking about different outdoor products with the intent to inform and inspire others to get outside and enjoy the natural world. 

If you’re still reading, great!  I would like to share a little more about myself that may provide some context for the photos you will see here.  I was afflicted with the flying bug for a large portion of my life. A good friend and myself started flying gliders back in the early 90s at a great club called York Soaring near Arthur Ontario.  That triggered a passion for aviation that took me all the way to a commercial pilots license and buying my own plane with some friends I met along the way.  We flew everywhere and camped under the wing at airshows and remote strips.  Sadly, after almost 20 years of flying a time came when I needed to take a step back from aviation for the usual time, family and money reasons.  This is when I discovered adventure motorcycling.

A small amount of funds from the sale of the airplane was diverted to buy my first dual sport bike – a 2004 Suzuki DR650. With a few upgrades it was ready for adventure riding.  This type of riding offered an excitement similar to flying but now allowed a light camp setup to be carried and could now explore places that were never available to me before. I was hooked.  That bike took me on some amazing rides all over Ontario’s backroads and trails and even up through Quebec to James Bay on the Arctic Ocean. In 2018 I bought a new and more capable bike and am busy planning some even bigger adventures.

Anyone who truly appreciates the natural world will agree that protecting nature and minimizing our impact in the outdoors is more important now than ever before in history.  Conservation and no\low impact tripping will always be an important part of my adventures and stories. 

I hope that you will subscribe and follow along, comment and share your thoughts and some of you own experiences and together we can inspire others to get outside and explore this amazing world we all share! 

Trees Lakes and Campfires are good for the Soul!