Trees, Lakes and Campfires are Good for the Soul

Wood and Leather Work

Making and designing wood and leather items in addition to wooden furniture are also things that I very much enjoy doing. I learned leather work from the folks at Survival in the Bush while teaching courses and attending events at a number of sites around Southern Ontario. We start making moccasins and capotes from wool blankets and then move on to create more complicated items such as Apache boots, possibles bags, buckskin jackets and pants. We will then use these creations as we participate in the various festivals where we talk about history and demonstrate skills as part of our reenactments.

For wood turning, I purchase from a nearby specialty shop who sell sustainably harvested, raw materials from local native species. I learned the basics of turning while attending seminars at a local tools vendor and its turned into a great part time hobby that enjoy practicing in my spare time.

A few of of my creations are pictured on this page, and some new projects will be posted in future blog entries. If you have any custom items you are interested in, please contact me to discuss your needs.